Document your controls

  • Simply input your control details into the easy to use template.
  • Utilize the Reference ID field as your unique identifier to link back to your internal framework or we can import your spreadsheet and create a custom template for your organization.
  • Control Type, Key Risk and Process categories are user define d by simply completing a table.
  • Utilize up to 100 controls with the FREE package.

Establish the frequency of the control

  • The control performer will receive email alerts based on these settings.
  • For one-time use selec t trigger type as "One Time".
  • For recurring controls simply define the frequency and number of occurences.

Outline your Questions

  • Questions can be structured to capture simple text responses or dynamically structured to be YES/NO or a numeric threshold that can trigger a request for an action plan from the control performer.
  • Upto 5 questions for each control can be used with the FREE package.

Control Performer Receives Email

  • Once the control performer selects the link in the email notification they simply follow the instructions and complete the questionnaire.
  • You will receive real-time email notifications upon completion.
  • All data is captured including date and time of completion and can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file.

Review your Reports and Manage Action Plans

  • Observe and filter results in real-time.
  • Centrally manage Action Plans.
  • Easily share presentation ready charts and reports or download raw data into Microsoft Excel.